Message from Team Success

Success is a motivational brand that inspires you every day to wake up and achieve your own Success #JoinTeamSuccess today.

Acronym Hoody

The visionary behind this hoody was inspired by the late Amber! Amber Racine was a prominent lawyer in the Philadelphia area and was on track to becoming a judge. She embodied and promoted change everyday within her community! One of her last requests before she passed was to create a piece which clearly outlined the powerful message behind the brand! The piece is bold, loud, and created with the acronym within boxes. Those boxes of life we sometimes place ourselves must be broken and we must think outside those boxes to Stand Up Create Change Every Single Second!

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Jerry Juergen Taylor

SUCCESS to me means achieving positive results and goals that will influence and assist others to be better. I gravitated to the SUCCESS brand after a happenstance encounter with it's founder, Rodney Kersaint, at the YMCA. His story and commitment to his brand compels me to support SUCCESS.